Win Free Cash Prizes at Kahuna Casino from Australia

Kahuna Kahuna Casino

With the explosion of popularity for Australian no deposit online casinos in recent years, many more options like Kahuna are beginning to pop up everywhere. In fact, one of the newest options is Kahuna Casino. We have created these reviews to see if their services match up with the giants of the industry. Our review of Australian Kahuna Casino takes a look at every feature they offer from games and live casinos to start up promotions and bonuses. Is Kahuna Casino worth the hyper or are they simply another newcomer not worth your time? Take a look at the inner workings of Kahuna Casino and see if they're the right Australian casino for you.

A Review of Game Collection

After a quick review of the gaming library, it's apparent that this is your classic no deposit online casino for Australia. They have everything from slots to blackjack, to poker, and all of your favorite classic games. The collection they offer might not be the largest, but as a company starting in 2018, it's a pretty decent collection. The games are fun as well and are well-developed to keep players coming back simply for the enjoyment of the collection.


Signup Bonus 100% $1000 Non Exclusive - Claim Bonus

Our review of Australian Kahuna Casino found that they value their users and won't scam you out of your money. No deposit is wasted on their services as all of their games are certified fair by their licensing company. One thing that we fell in love with during this Kahuna Casino review was the quality of their games. All of their games are developed by prominent online casino game developers and the quality is echoed through their games.

Live Poker Review

This newcomer to the online casino world has followed in the footsteps of some of the largest casinos that came before. They offer plenty of live poker games throughout the day to keep their players active and to support a new environment rather than the static single player matches. Playing alone at home can be fun, but after a while, it can be useful to hop over to their live casino and play some live games. Maybe you'll walk away with a decent amount of free cash.

Live poker isn't the only live casino option they have available. When you enter onto their live casino page you'll find that they have all the classics ready and playable for you through their live casino service. Simply hop on and place your first deposit down. No deposit will be wasted with their live options and you have a decent chance at winning some free cash along the way. Their games hold their quality, even in live form.

Australian No Deposit Promotions

No deposit will be wasted with Kahuna's deposit bonuses. Every deposit you make could be eligible for a bonus promotion throughout the week. Like many casinos, they offer a fantastic startup bonus to get players interested. However, our review of Kahuna Casino showed their Australian no deposit bonuses later on make sticking around worth it. They're essentially offering you free cash for sticking with them and continuing to deposit and play.

One thing that stands out in our Kahuna Casino review is their guarantee to match your first 10 deposits. No deposit will go unmatched as a new player as this casino offers you a free cash match on your first 10 deposits. It starts off with a 100% match on your first and a 25% match on your last five. No deposit will go unprotected with their start up bonus. Any player looking to get some free cash as an incentive for starting up online should look into this casino.

Later on as you play, you have ample opportunities to receive more free cash promotions from Australia. Our no deposit review of Kahuna Casino showed that they intend to reward players and that no deposit is ever wasted with their services. These promotions include free spins every Wednesday, a deposit match free spin weekend, and a 50% free bonus every Monday. No deposits will be a waste of your time and money as they continue to offer more amazing benefits.

Cash Free Deposits and Withdrawals

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As this Australian casino is completely online, you have access to plenty of cash free deposit options. Simply link up your bank account of choice and payment method, and make your first deposit today. No deposit will be subject to fees and taxes and these cash free withdrawals are simple to enact. Once you have your account linked, you can simply go to the withdrawal page and ask to deposit your money into the bank.

Throughout our review of Kahuna Casino, we found one issue to be their minimum funds withdrawal requirement. While you're receiving plenty of free cash from no deposit bonuses and sign up promotions, none of that goes towards your winnings column and can't be counted for withdrawal purposes. This Australian Kahuna Casino review found their minimum withdrawal fee to be much higher than most. While no deposit is subject to fees, you have to play a decent amount before you can cash out.

Pros and Cons


  • Free cash price match promotions for Australia
  • No deposit fees and easy withdrawals
  • A wide variety of live and offline games


  • Minimum withdrawal fee is high
  • Restricts access to some countries

Final Thoughts

Hopefully our review of Kahuna Casino gave you some useful information to help you decide whether they're right for you. Throughout our review of Australian Kahuna Casino, we came across some exciting free cash promotions and games that they had available. Overall, Kahuna Casino is a fantastic no deposit Austarlian online casino and should be top of your list when looking for a digital casino.